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Support Helpline is here to resolve any Issue Related to Mac as we have Mac Certified Technicians and are trained to fix all the problems related to Mac operating system.

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"Classic" Mac OS

Mac OS X

The "classic" Mac OS is characterized by its monolithic system. Versions of Mac OS up through System 4 only ran one application at a time. Even so, it was noted for its ease of use. Mac OS gained cooperative multitasking with System 5, which ran on the Mac SE and Macintosh II. Mac OS is a series of graphicaluser interface-based operating systems  developed by Apple Inc.

OS X, introduced as Mac OS X in 2001 and renamed OS X  in 2012, is the latest version of Apple's operating system. Although it is officially designated as simply "version 10" of the Mac OS, it has a history largely independent of the earlier Mac OS releases. It is a series of Unix-based interface operating developed and marketed by Apple Inc.

Support Helpline Mac Certified Technicians can help with a variety of different type of Mac Operating System Problems:


Running out of space (or RAM)

One problem many have with their computer is that it works slowly or simple tasks are taking too long to complete, take a look at the boot drive to see if it is too full. This can be done by pressing Command+ [I] to Get Info on it. Check how much space is free and if it looks low, you will need to offload some stuff like photos and videos onto a hard drive or some CD’s. It may also be wise to consider fitting more RAM to your Mac to improve its performance and storage. For further issues you can contact us on our Mac Helpline Number 0800-098-8587


Losing a file

If you are not sure aboutwhere a file is, the first step, go to Spotlight, a search system within all Mac OS X operating systems. Type in as much of the filename as you remember and Mac will go searching for you. If you’ve overwritten your work or emptied the Trash, it may be a little harder. Fortunately, Apple does have software to find files that don’t currently exist but have been backed up. This can be found in an OS X 10.5 system or later. If you don’t have this, it may be wise to invest in a disk-recovery utility to detect and restore deleted files .For further issues you can contact us on our Mac Customer Service Number 0800-098-8587


Frozen app

A common problem with any computer is when a program freezes. If an application in your app is not responding or has frozen, you may need to forcefully quit it. This can be done by holding Command = Alt+ [Esc] to bring up the “Force Quit” window or by clicking the "Force Quit" option from the Apple menu. After you have closed the application, try relaunching it. If there are still problems, contact our Mac Customer Support 0800-098-8587 and have a talk with our Mac Expert.


Mac unable to start

A lack of response from the power button could be from a number of things. The first step to check is the fuse plug as it could have blown. If it is okay, the Mac will do a “power-on self-test” as it boots up to find any problems. It will beep or flash if it finds a fault. One to three beeps indicates a problem with the RAM module and four or five beeps indicates a ROM or processor problem. If it is the RAM, check your manual to find where they are and ease them back into place. If it is something else, contact our Mac Contact Number UK 0800-098-8587 and have a talk with our Mac Expert.


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Support helpline Mac Certified Technicians are trained to resolve problems with All Macintosh operating systems.


10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger, 10.3 Panther, 10.2 Jaguar, 10.1 Puma, and 10.0 Cheetah. Support helpline Technicians can assist in set-up, upgrade, installation and customization of Macintosh operating systems on your computer.


We will provide you with complete Mac Tech Support. Just call us at Mac Helpline Number 0800-098-8587 (Toll Free) and talk with a certified expert and get instant help & support for Mac.

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